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Ontario South Coast Wineries and Growers Association

Erie Innovation and Commercialization will provide opportunities for groups to organize and align with the goals of the region. The incorporation of the Ontario South Coast Wineries and Growers Association (OSCWGA) is characterized by impacting groups of producers, has market pull, and has a local champion. This project is designed to explore and develop new and sustainable business and agri-tourism opportunities for wine producers and growers in the sand plains region and is intended to support community and regional economic development opportunities. The goal is to enhance regional wine, grower and agri-tourism capacity to generate and support diversification of economic development. This will contribute to the development of a sustainable, prosperous and diverse economy driven by innovation. In addition to developing the industry, there is an opportunity to investigate the science behind the wine sector in this region, and in particular to consider the impact of geography, agronomics and climatology on the performance of wineries and growers in the region.

Ontario Lavender Association