JULY 12-14, 2012
St. Williams, ON

Download Here Markets for Fruits and Vegetables
Presented by Dr. John Cranfield, University of Guelph
Download Here Jerusalem Artichoke
Presented by Dr. Franco Berruti, Western University
Download Here Hops in Ontario
Presented by Evan Elford, OMAFRA
Download Here Ethnic Vegetable Research
Presented by Dr. Valerio Primomo, VRIC
Download Here Muck Vegetables - An Update
Presented by Jamie Reaume, Holland Marsh Growers' Association
Download Here The Ontario Hazelnut Industry
Presented by Martin Hodgson, Butternut Farms
Download Here An Introduction to
Presented by Megan Hunter, Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation
Download Here Russian Dandelion Market
Presented by Dr. Dave Wolyn, University of Guelph
Download Here Novel Horticulture Health Products
Presented by Jim Todd, OMAFRA
Download Here Agricultural Applications
Presented by Kelly Brooks, Agnition
Download Here The Impact of the Honeybee in Horticulture
Presented by Les Eccles, Ontario Beekeepers Association
Download Here Biomass Biolers for Horticulture
Presented by Dr. Animesh Dutta, University of Guelph
Download Here Super Foods for Health
Presented by Jamie Draves, Katan Kitchens
Download Here Speaker Biographies