SEPTEMBER 1-3, 2011
St. Williams, ON


Download Here Lavender Agri-Tourism in Ontario
Presented by Dr. Sean Westerveld, OMAFRA
Download Here Cultivating a Vibrant Canada
Presented by Peter McLeod, Croplife
Download Here Capitalizing on New Markets in Ontario: Asian & Afro-Caribbean Vegetables
Presented by Dr. Glen Filson, University of Guelph
Download Here Sun Harvest Revenue for Farm or Commercial Operations
Presented by Ken Rounds, EthoSolar
Download Here Superfoods For Health
Presented by Jamie Draves, Katan Kitchens
Download Here An Introduction to the ONTrace Verified Network
Presented by Brian Sterling, ONTrace
Download Here Growing a Healthy Environment
Presented by Lindsay Bennett, ALUS
Download Here Understanding the Health Beneficiary Mechanism of Sour Cherry Polyphenols
Presented by Krishnaraj Tiwari, University of Guelph
Download Here Apps for Hort
Presented by Mike Kwiecien, My Food Facts
Download Here New Innovation Opportunities
Presented by Dr. John Kelly, Erie Innovation and Commercialization
Download Here Pollination Services; A Unique Challenge
Presented by Les Eccles, Ontario Beekeepers Association